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Urine Adulteration Test

for Altered Urine Sample

Almost anyone can obtain products that are marketed, designed, and sold to alter urine drug use screening tests. These products are often referred to as masking products and generally fall into one of four categories:

  1. dilution substances that are added to a urine specimen at the time it is collected or are ingested before an individual submits a urine Specimen.

  2. cleansing substances that detoxify or cleanse the urine and are ingested prior to the time that an individual submits a urine Specimen

  3. adulterants that are used to destroy or alter the chemical make-up of drugs and are added to a urine specimen at the time that it is provided for testing; and 4) synthetic or drug-free urine that is substituted in place of an individual's specimen and provided for testing.

If you suspect that a urine sample may have been altered or "masked", you should consider using a urine adulteration test to check the sample.

There is an array of products designed to dilute, cleanse, or substitute urine specimens submitted to testers by drug users to adulterate urine samples. For more information on products which mask the presence of illegal drugs when a urine drug test is administered, see Detox - Pass A Drug Test.

Examples of Urine Adulteration tests:

Urine Adulteration Test Strip
Urine Adulteration Test Strips

Urine Specimen Validity Test / Adulteration Check

The above is an example of the Specimen Validity Test (a.k.a., urine adulteration test). Simply dip the test strip and see the results. For single use only.

How To Use Urine Adulteration Test Strips

Drug Test Cup with built in Adulteration Test Strip
E-Z Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup

E-Z Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup with S.V.T.

Above is a multi-panel E-Z Split Key Integrated Cup with Specimen Validity Test (urine adulteration check). The drug test and adulteration strip are both built in to the urine sample cup. Therefore once the sample is received and the lid closed, just push the key in and read the results. This test is extremely easy to use!

Drug Test Dip with built in Adulteration Test Strip
5 Panel Drug Test Dip

5 Panel Drug Test with Adulteration Test

The above is an example of a typical 5 panel urine drug dip test with built-in adulteration. This 5 Panel Drug Test is for one time use and will detect the presence of 5 different drugs of abuse.

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