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Laboratory Services

We offer the following laboratory services:

Comprehensive GC/MS Laboratory Services


GC/MS Lab Services - This is a comprehensive test for 10 different types of drugs. 10 Panel Lab Drug Test This lab urine drug test will detect the following drugs: Alcohol (Ethanol), Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines,...


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Our Laboratory is a fully licensed and accredited toxicology laboratory and has SAMHSA/DHHS (formerly NIDA) certification for toxicology testing.

Substance abuse testing is required by Federal and State statutes for many safety sensitive positions. Testing has also become an integral part of many employers' health and safety programs. Studies have shown employees who are substance abusers are:

  • Less productive
  • Use more sick days
  • Use more medical benefits
  • More likely to have on-the-job accidents Aside from these costs, the impact on non-using employees who feel anger and resentment toward the abuser affects company morale and profitability.

Why Utilize Worksite Substance Abuse Testing?

  • To comply with federally mandated employee drug testing.
  • To provide a drug-free workplace environment for employees.
  • To monitor a patient in treatment.

Our Laboratory can offer a program to meet all of your needs. Through chain-of-custody procedures and Medical Review Officer evaluation, Our Laboratory will provide fully defensible results, in a timely manner, which comply with the requirements of the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act and Omnibus Crime Legislation.

While the main focus is on laboratory testing, Our Laboratory is able to provide assistance in all facets of a comprehensive substance abuse testing program including on-site rapid drug testing.

Providing a Comprehensive Program

A complete substance abuse program consists of the following major components:

  • A written Substance Abuse Policy.
  • An Employee Education and Awareness Program.
  • A Supervisor Training Program.
  • An Employee Assistance Program.
  • A Drug Testing Program with MRO Certification.

If you currently have portions of such a program in effect, we can help you complete your program. If you are just beginning the process, our Laboratory will assist you in the establishment of a comprehensive substance abuse program within your organization.

Our Laboratory complies with all Department of Health and Human Services requirements. Our Laboratory also participates in proficiency testing programs with:

  • The College of American Pathologists
  • The American Association of Clinical Chemistry
  • National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP)
  • Other state agencies
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

In addition, accuracy is monitored internally on a daily basis through the use of standards and controls in all testing runs.

GC/MS Laboratory Confirmation


GC/MS Lab Confirmation for positive drug test results.

#LAB-GC/MS Confirmation

For a comprehensive GCMS drug test, see below.

MRO - Medical Review Officer Services


#LAB-MRO Service - Medical Review Officer review / confirmation of Lab results.

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