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Laboratory Services - Complete lab service

Laboratory Tests - Lab Testing

We offer the following laboratory services:

Comprehensive Urine Lab Test (600+ drugs)


  • Detects over 600 brand name Rx (prescription) drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol!
  • Includes expanded opiates/narcotics.
  • High specifictiy - GC/MS analysis provides confirmative evidence of use.
  • Highly sensitive - inlucdes quantitive, semi-quantative, or qualative data.
  • Fast turn-around time: 48 hours negative, 48-72 hours positive (time in business days after the lab receives the sample).

Model: #LAB-COMP

NEW Hair Laboratory Test


  • Our NEW Hair Laboratory test detects 7 different drugs!
  • We also offer an extended hair panel, testing for up to 13 drugs.

Model: #LAB-HAIR

For purchasing options and complete details, see below.

Date Rape Panel Test - comprehensive


  • Comprehensive Date Rape Panel Test
  • Comprehensive Date Rape Panel Test that includes the following drug classifications: Alcohlol/Ethyl, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, GHB, Hallucinogens, Illicit Drugs, Muscle Relaxants, Opioids, Over-The-Counter Drugs, Sedatives and Hypnotics.

Model: #EGHBH

Designer Stiimulants Lab Test (synthetic stimulants)


    Synthetic Stimulants Lab Test:
  • MDPV (Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, White Lightning)
  • Mephedrone ("Meph", "MCat")

Model: #LAB-SynStim

Designer Stimulants Extended Lab Test


This urine Synthetic Stimulants Lab Test will detect:

  • MDPV (Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, White Lightning)
  • Mephedrone ("Meph", "MCat")

Also include the Extended Designer Stimulants Test:

    MBDB ("Eden"), MDA, MDEA (MDE, "Eve"), MDMA (ecstasy, "E", "X")
    Butylone (bk-MBDB), Cathinone (Khat or Benzoylethanamine), Ethylone (MDEC, bk-MDEA), MDPV (Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, White Lightning), Mephedrone ("Meph", "MCat"), Methcathinone (may be confused with mephedrone), Methylone (bk-MDMA, MDMC, "M1")
    BZP, mCPP, TFMPP ("Legal X")

Model: #LAB-ExtStim

DNA Lab Paternity Test


Transmetron offers quality DNA Paternity Testing Services - DNA Paternity Test. This is a 2 donor test (typically the alleged father and child). Mother (or other donor) can be added for an additional $100.

Our lab is the first national DNA laboratory to offer a 21-marker genetic analysis in combination with our standard double-blind process on every paternity sample in every paternity case.

The experience and expertise of our Lab DNA Identification Testing division in the paternity testing industry provides clients with choices of enhanced and expanded services, including:

  • The ability to perform noninvasive sample collection (buccal swabs) on all parties and exclude, on average, more than 99.999% of non-fathers.
  • DNA test results usually available within 2 weeks after specimens are received at the laboratory.
  • Legal Paternity Testing and Family Studies.

A paternity test is generally used to determine whether a man could be the biological father of a child. As a pioneer in introducing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing as a basis for establishing paternity, our Labs scientific experts and DNA testing methodology will help you confidentially establish biological relatedness.

Our Lab is committed to quality testing and the highest standards that is why we only perform legal DNA paternity tests. Our Lab test results can be used in courts of law (when collected at a professional DNA collection site).

Our Labs legal DNA tests are highly accurate, excluding, on average, more than 99.999% of non-parents. DNA testing can also provide a high probability of paternity. Our Lab testing protocols are designed to resolve routine questions of disputed paternity as well as less common cases, such as:

  • Absent mother
  • Family studies
  • Twin zygosity
  • Sibling testing
  • Grandparent testing
  • Y chromosome testing

Our Lab performs testing on several different sample types. The most commonly used sample is the buccal swab. This type of sample is collected by swabbing the inside of the cheek (buccal cavity) with a sterile cotton swab.

Model: #LAB-DNA

EtG / EtS - Ethyl Glucuronide Ethyl Sulfate Alcohol Lab Test


EtG and EtS testing will allow you to quantify alcohol consumption up to 80 hours afterward. 500 ng/ml cutoff level (100 ng/ml upon request at time of purchase).

This is a LCMSMS Lab Test (a.k.a. LC-MS-MS or LCMS, LC-MS) for professional laboratory testing of human urine for the presence of metabolized alcohol.

Model: #LAB-ETG

GC/MS Laboratory Confirmation


GC/MS Lab Confirmation for positive drug test results.

Model: #LAB-GC/MS Confirmation

For a comprehensive GCMS drug test, see below.

MRO - Medical Review Officer Services


Model: #LAB-MRO Service - Medical Review Officer review / confirmation of Lab results.

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