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Best Selling Drug Tests

5 Panel Drug Test Dip

5 Panel Drug Test

This is a dip strip drug test that detects 5 different drugs at one time, a 5 panel drug test (5 drug assay). We also offer a wide range of multi panel drug tests that will test from 2 to 12 drugs.

Marijuana THC Drug Test Dip

Marijuana Drug Test - THC Testing

This is a dip strip drug test that detects one drug at a time, a single panel drug test (1 drug assay). Here, we show a cannabis drug test to test for marijuana (THC drug testing).

OrAlert - Oral Saliva Drug Test

OrAlert - Oral Saliva Drug Test

Above is a mouth swab drug test, sometimes referred to as the "Spit Drug Test". The OrAlert drug test detects 6 different drugs at one time (6 drug assay).

E-Z Split Integrated Drug Test Cup

E-Z 2 Split Key Integrated Drug Test Cup

This is an integrated drug cup. Here, the drug test is integrated or built into the cup. This is an Easy To Use - Easy To Read drug test!

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Pros and Cons of Various Drug Testing Methods



Detection Window

Urine Drug Test

• Highest assurance of reliable results.

• Least expensive.

• Most flexibility in testing different drugs, including alcohol and nicotine.

• Most likely of all drug-testing methods to withstand legal challenge.

• Most common specimen collected.

• Specimen can be adulterated, substituted, or diluted.

• Must have facilities to accommodate proper collection protocols.

• Test sometimes viewed as invasive or embarrassing.

• Biological hazard for specimen handling and shipping to lab.

• Must have same gender collector.

• Typically 5 to 7 days.

• Detailed information about urine drug detection window.

Hair Drug Test

• Longer window of detection.

• Greater stability (does not deteriorate).

• Can measure chronic drug use.

• Convenient shipping and storage (no need to refrigerate).

• Collection procedure not considered invasive or embarrassing.

• More difficult to adulterate than urine.

• Detects alcohol/cocaine combination use.

• Very difficult to adulterate.

• More expensive.

• Test usually limited to basic 5-drug panel.

• Will not detect very recent drug use (1 to 7 days prior to test).

• Depends on the length of hair in the sample. Hair grows about a half-inch per month, so a 1•-inch specimen would show a 3-month history.

Oral Fluids (Saliva) Drug Test.

• Sample obtained under direct observation.

• Minimal risk of tampering.

• Non-invasive.

• Can detect alcohol use.

• Samples can be collected easily in virtually any environment.

• Reflects recent drug use.

• Drugs and drug metabolites do not remain in oral fluids as long as they do in urine.

• Less efficient than other testing methods in detecting marijuana use.

• Approximately 10 to 24 hours.

• Detailed information about oral saliva drug detection window.

Sweat Patch

• Non-invasive.

• Variable removal date (generally 1 to 7 days).

• Quick application and removal.

• Longer window of detection than urine.

• No sample substitution possible.

• Limited number of labs able to process results.

• People with skin eruptions, excessive hair, or cuts and abrasions cannot wear the patch.

• Passive exposure to drugs may contaminate patch and affect results.

Patch retains evidence of drug use for at least 7 days, and can detect even low levels of drugs 2 to 5 hours after last use.


• Very difficult to adulterate.

• Each collection is done under direct observation.

• Longer use/abuse history reflected.

• Less frequent testing due to the detection time covered.

• Facility accommodations for the specimen is easy.

• Alternative specimen to body hair, in the event there is not enough hair available for collection.

• More expensive than urine testing.

• Ten (10) nails will be clipped and their surfaces filed.

• Nails take 10 - 14 days to grow out from nail bed from time of ingestion.

4 - 6 MONTHS.

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